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Join us on a leap into the unknown waters of creating digital sound, beginning from zero and ending with products that make sound.

Hi, lovely people of the internet! I’m Ben and I want to invite you on a journey from zero to building products that make sound.

From the moment I started programming sequences and twisting dials on synths and effects I was blown away by the experience of working with electronic music equipment.


The idea for this whole journey was planted in my head a long time ago when I first started to experiment with audio soft- and hardware. From the moment I started programming sequences and twisting dials on synths and effects, I was blown away by the electronic music equipment experience. I did not yet know at the time but years of tinkering with gear later, this idea had grown into fascination and a deep desire to know what made these instruments sing. What magic did the programmers of audio plugins conjure to write the lines of code capable of producing massive walls of sound from within a laptop? What were the spells cast to bend analog and digital circuitry into forging an electronic music device that musicians would worship like rare artefacts for its character sound? So, it turns out, the inception for me writing this post lies years in the past.

Taking action

In January of this year I rented some affordable space in a shared office, organised a laptop and some used gear and reduced my day job to 80%, which meant I had one day a week to fully focus on finding the answers to my questions. Not only was I going to find these answers, but I decided to develop tools and documentation I could share with anybody out there that was asking the same questions I was. And since the desire to learn is great, but setting yourself a concrete goal is even better, I set out to learn enough to build an electronic, musical product I could sell one day. Which brings me back to my opening motto: from zero to building products that make sound. I founded a non-profit company called Happy Thoughts Audio and started hacking away at my goal. I’ve already met some interesting and helpful people along the way, but I’d love some more company. Since this quest is anything but a walk in the park, it really helps mingling with the community to get feedback and second opinions. Plus, the more the merrier and all that, right? I do hope you join me, Ill be posting on this blog every Thursday and regularly on our Happy Thoughts social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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